Retirement funding advice is investment advice for the purpose of creating a lump sum large enough to provide income for our clients and any of their dependants after the client has retired. When most market participants think of retirement income funding, they think of superannuation. During your pre-retirement years, wealth accumulation and superannuation suddenly becomes your major focus as retirement is just around the corner and you are positioning yourself for the retirement lifestyle you want to achieve.

Retirement funding is not limited to superannuation alone and our advisers are skilled in exploring all the options open to our clients to provide retirement income.

Retirement income advice is about maximising income from client’s assets. This income is obtained from an investment portfolio. It could also include structuring a client’s assets and income to obtain government benefits, if they are available.

Planning when to retire, and if the process will happen in stages or all at once, is a vital consideration in your overall retirement strategy. Clients may start thinking about retirement as early as their 40\'s, while some clients may not retire until into their 70\'s. We have provided a Retirement Calculator to assist you will this decision, however a consultation with a Quadrant adviser is vital when you want to start the process as many elements need to be considered. Financial planning at this stage of life is about maximising investments, balancing risk and return, contributing additional money to superannuation and reviewing risk insurance needs. Also, taking advantage of the Government’s transition to retirement rules is an ideal way to the next phase of life and Quadrant advisers are best placed to assist with this.

Whatever your plans, maximising your retirement savings is essential, and the way you structure your finances can greatly affect your overall retirement income.

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Aged Care

Every day, more than 5,000 Australian families face the decision to move a parent into aged care. It is one of the most significant and emotionally charged decisions they will ever make about their parents’ well-being. Emotions run high between grief, guilt, fear and helplessness, with stress exacerbated by the difficulty in easily accessing reliable information and support services. Understanding, arranging and financing aged care is incredibly complex and the lack of reliable information makes it even harder.

Arranging aged care is not just about convincing a loved one. Nor is it simply a matter of balancing the suitability, availability and cost of facilities. One of the greatest stresses relates to finance. Most people don’t know how they will fund care. They worry about related issues such as cashflow, needing to sell the family home, the impact on pensions and intergenerational wealth transfer. These are complex subjects and family dynamics can make it even more challenging to make good decisions.

Families need expert support to understand their options, to find suitable solutions, make the necessary arrangements and then finance the transition from retirement into aged care. It requires a delicate balance of strategy and sensitivity. This is where advisers can make a significant, positive impact.

We work with clients to help navigate the complex area of aged care services and benefits to make sure they or their loved ones receive the care they need during the later years of life.


To find out more how we can help you with your retirement future or Aged Care needs please contact our office in Wodonga.

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