Aged Care Advice


Aged care decisions begin with understanding the role that funds play in your future, but financial strategies aren’t always as cut and dry. That’s why our specialist advisers are here to help you manage money, estates, and expenses to create a more stable financial future. We’ll explain your options clearly and candidly, and find solutions to avoid pitfalls and ways to keep your home and assets.
Accessing the right aged care facility depends on a number of factors like your budget, eligibility and care needs. Our goal is to create a good financial outcome, making your move into residential aged care secure.

  1. Understand your options
    First you’ll need to arrange an Aged Care assessment from the nearest Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This will provide access to permanent residential care, residential respite care or home care.
  2. Research aged care facilities
    The next step is to research and visit a number of facilities to determine the most suitable. Then apply to a few of your preferred facilities.
  3. Work out the financials
    The big financial issues for aged care are the facility’s accommodation and the means tested care fee, as well as managing cash flow. Getting it right so you maximise entitlements and minimise fees can be complicated. Quadrant Financial Planning can help you to ensure you avoid common mistakes.
  4. Manage ongoing financial issues and obligations
    Once in aged care, there are ongoing obligations that need to be considered, whilst also keeping up-to-date with government changes relating to Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Quadrant Financial Planning can help you:

  • Budget and pay the daily care fees
  • Maximise your Centrelink or DVA pension and minimise your fees
  • Decide whether you should sell the family home or rent it out, and
  • Know the impact on your pension entitlements and ensure the money lasts as long as possible

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